Need to pick up a language? Or improve on your language skills. Our language series will cater to your linguistic needs; be it in English or other common international languages. These books are published in bilingual and tri-lingual formats to facilitate easy comprehension at every level.

School Books

Our many years of experience in publishing books to cater for the Primary and Secondary National School Curriculum have lead to an extensive array of titles that are comprehensive and affordable. So, browse through the variety here and see what suits you best.


As a parent you will be able to pick up books that cater for early childhood learning needs in this range. Our books are bi-lingual to give your child an advantage in both, our national language, (Bahasa Malaysia) and in English.


Our vast experience in the local education scene has given us the strength to developed a systematic approach to the Mastery of both, Bahasa Malaysia and the English Language. In this series, you will also find a book on General Knowledge about our beloved country as well as a General guide to Mathematics for those who are in Primary School.


Special run covers to highlight the beauty of batik inspired design.

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